Successions and Family Law

We guide our practice in order to the advice national and foreign clients in relation to Succession and Family Law. As part of these services, we offer assistance in negotiating separation agreements for civil marriages. We also advise you on regulated divorce processes in the country. In addition, we assist in aspects related to the protection of minors, including custody or custody and maintenance regulated by Law No. 136-03 and Law No. 52-07. Likewise, we clarify your concerns related to affiliation, interdiction and adoption and in the aspects of the person, as is the case of rectification of civil status records and name change, among others.

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In all these respects, we provide excellent assistance in the judicial proceedings that arise as a result of them.

Our specialties are:

- Estate organization and estate planning

- Donation

- Wills

- Premarital agreements and civil marriages

- Divorces and liquidation of assets

- Quick divorces

- Guardian of minors

- Child support

- Adoption

- Conflicts of Affiliation and actions in recognition and ignorance of affiliation; fatherhood and motherhood

- Legal and litigious assistance regarding said specialties, including Family Council Formation; Lawsuits for Partition of Assets and Approval of Agreements, Interdiction, Determination of Heirs and by Will, Lawsuits for Nullity of Divorces, among others.