1. Aviation

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We assist you in the necessary efforts to initiate and continue your aviation operations in the Dominican territory. In this sense and considering Law No. 491-06 on Civil Aviation and complementary provisions, we represent it for the successful obtaining and renewal of permits, licenses, certifications, and authorizations necessary to launch its commercial activity, as well as derived processes.

Our specialties are:

- Consulting under Civil Aviation Law No. 491-06 and supplementary provisions

- Preparation and review of operating and leasing contracts for aircraft, premises and hangars

- Representation before national authorities:

a) Specialized Corps in Airport Security of Civil Aviation (CESAC)

b) Civil Aviation Board (JAC)

c) Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC)

d) Obtaining and renewing authorizations and certifications before aeronautical authorities:

e) Adoption of the Safety Manual

Economic Authorization Certification

f) Air Operator Certification

g) Registration of flight itineraries and fares

h) Aircraft Registration

2. Sanitary license

We represent you in obtaining sanitary authorizations that allow the marketing of all products intended for human consumption, such as pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs or cosmetics for the import and distribution of these in the national territory in compliance with Dominican regulations. As part of these procedures, we obtain the corresponding authorizations, renewals and modifications with the General Direction for Food, Medicines and Health Products (DIGEMAPS) of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MISPAS).

Our specialties are:

- Consulting

- Obtaining, renewing, and modifying sanitary records

- Certified collection of good storage practices

- Verification and approval of labels by DIGENOR

- Obtaining industrial registration