Corporate Law

We guide you so that the organization of the company translates into the reality of the business and remains in force in the face of commercial dynamism. Likewise, the assistance we offer you in corporate matters contemplates all stages of the life of the business, such as the constitution, modification, or assistance in a process of dissolution and liquidation. We also structure special transactions that maintain harmony between partners, such as the purchase of companies, corporate transformations restructurings and reorganizations, elaboration of social and parasocial pacts, as well as judicial process of restructuring and commercial liquidation.

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Our specialties are:

- Incorporation of companies

- Opening and closing of branches

- Incorporation of offshores

- Incorporation and modification of non-profit associations

- Ordinary and extraordinary assemblies, minutes of administrative bodies, corporate acts and processes of corporate governance bodies under the Commercial Companies Law

- M&A:

a) Mergers

b) Escisions

c) Acquisitions

d) Societies reorganization processes

- Transformations

- Corporate adequacy

- Corporate restructuring:

a) Direct capital injection

b) Debt capitalization

c) Capital reduction due to declining value or bailout of shares

d) Capital reduction for losses

e) Capital reduction by commercial restructuring

- Dissolutions and settlements

- Successions

- Family business

- Partner Pacts

- Corporate Consulting

- Mobiliary guarantees stock garments

- Intercompany agreements

- Joint ventures and consortia

- Legal consultancy concerning Law No. 479-08 general of individual limited liability companies and commercial companies, as well as Law No. 141-15 on restructuring and commercial liquidation, and its complementary regulations

- Legal advice and accompaniment in the judicial process of restructuring or commercial liquidation