Administrative Law

ONTIER Alburquerque accompanies you in your needs generated by your relationship with the Public Administration. In this regard, we offer support in your processes in accordance to Law No. 107-13 which stipulates the Rights of the people in their relations with the administration and other applicable regulations, including Law No. 340-06 and its amendments on Purchases and Procurement of Goods, Services, Projects, and Concessions. Accordingly, our firm helps you by reviewing the terms of reference in public bidding processes, preparing, and submitting offers, as well as reviewing and negotiating of contract awards. Also, our office offers representation and council on matters regarding dispute resolution before the corresponding administrative headquarters, the corresponding contentious administrative courts and in arbitration procedures.

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Our specialties are:

- Council on Law No. 340-06 and its amendments for Purchases and Contracting of Goods, Services, Works, and Concession

- Review of the specifications and / or terms of reference for public and private bidding processes

- Preparation of offers for public bidding processes

- Advice, review, discussion, and strategic negotiation of contract awards

- Representation in administrative resources:

a) Impeachments

b) Reconsideration resource

c) Appeal or hierarchical resource

- Representation in jurisdictional appeals:

a) Contentious-administrative appeal

b) Precautionary measures

c) Appeal in cassation

d) Resolution of controversies with the Public Administration through arbitration

- Obtaining and updating the State Provider Registry and State Beneficiary Registry